sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Steel Dragon

Banda fictícia que foi criada com músicos reais e monstros no que fazem para o filme Rock Star.


01. (Gimme) Blood Pollution" (4:02)
* Written by Twiggy Ramirez
02. Crown of Falsehood (3:44)
* Written by Zakk Wylde
03. Reckless (4:08)
* Written by Kane Roberts, Mike Slamer and Jimmy Tavis
04. We All Die Young" (4:02)
* Written by Michael Matijevic and Ken Kanowski
05. Livin' the Life (I Was Born to Live) (3:15)
* Written by Peter Beckett and Steve Plunkett
06. Desperate Hearts (7:20)
* Written by Jeff Pilson
07. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll"(3:28)
* Written by Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio
* Cover of song by Rainbow
* Performed by Blood Pollution and Steel Dragon
08. Stand Up (4:20)
* Written by Sammy Hagar
* Performed by Steel Dragon and Blood Pollution
09. Wasted Generation
* Written by Desmond Child, A. Allen and J. Allen
* Performed by Steel Dragon and Blood Pollution

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Rádio A Ferro e Fogo, onde o Rock é mais Roll.